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Boughton Park Dam Replacement Meeting Information


Board of Elections has a new home 

The offices of the Ontario County Board of Elections are now at the County Transportation Center (the Highway and Bus Facility), 2930 County Road 48, Hopewell, N.Y.  Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM until 5 PM.  The office continues to provide all election services to Ontario County residents including voter registration, absentee ballots and absentee voting, campaign finance, and election inspector recruitment. The general phone number is 585.396.4005. For more information, directions or questions regarding the Ontario County Board of Elections, please visit




Town News

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     We publish a town newsletter four times per year. This newsletter is not mailed to residents:; however it is distributed to key locations around town and it is posted on our town website. You may sign up for these newsletters on the home page of our town website where it asks you to " click here to receive town news, information and updates via email".

     We would like to post  more information more often about town projects.  We will provide a brief description of town projects that are underway. It is our goal to keep you well informed and up to date about our Town of East Bloomfield.      

News March 18, 2019 Edition.

Veterans Park.

The American Legion Building is undergoing an interior reconstruction. This project began in late January 2019 and is progressing on schedule.  The Legion Building is over forty years old and was purchased by the Town of East Bloomfield from the American Legion Post.  Over time the building began to show its age and renovations were needed. The town previously installed new windows, a new security system, as well as a new metal roof.

The next phase was to remodel the interior of the building.  East Bloomfield secured the services of Architect Rob Meehan to develop the design of the interior.  The approved drawings are posted in our meeting room at the Town Hall, 99 Main Street, East Bloomfield.  John McKinnon Construction was awarded the bid as general contractor.  His work began immediately after being awarded the bid.  The work began in January 2019 with the removal and specified demolition.  The East Bloomfield Highway Department participated in this initial work.

After demolition, rooms have been reconfigured and walls have been built and the kitchen has been relocated to the back portion of the building to maximize space efficiency.  The electrical, plumbing and HVAC work has begun as well.

We still have a long way to go before completion.  However, the work is moving along under the careful eyes of John McKinnon and Rob Meehan.  Town Councilmember, Frank Fessner, is on the town's buildings and grounds committee and he has also been involved since the beginning of this project.

We have attached some pictures of the interior remodeling. These pictures were taken  on March 19, 2019.

VP Picture 1        VP Picture 2         VP Picture 3          VP Picture 4          VP Picture 5        VP Picture 6

News October 9, 2018 Edition.

Boughton Park.

Dam Replacement Meeting Information

A recent random survey found numerous vehicles in the parking lot without a hang tag being displayed. It is a requirement to have it on display for security personnel.  This is a private park owned and maintained by East and West Bloomfield as well as Victor. It is open to the residents of these three towns by permit only. As I indicated last week in my news section, you may obtain your park permit at the town clerk office in your respective town. Compliance with these guidelines assures everyone safe and secure access for their personal enjoyment. The Boughton Park Commission manages this park and is continually making improvements, including Eagle Scout Projects. 

Veterans Park.

Our highway department has made excellent use of some macadam that was left over from a road paving job. They repurposed it and created paved walkway from the parking lot to the annex building. This will make the pickup and drop off operation for summer recreation much safer. 

We also discovered a significant bee problem at the playground complex. We have contacted exterminators and the problem will resolved by the end of this week.

One of the portable toilets at VP (the one near the basketball court) has a broken door latch. We called the company and this problem should be resolved this week.

We planted five London Plane Trees and four of the five are flourishing. One appears week. We contacted the nursery and the tree specialist will be out to evaluate the situation this week. We hope the tree can be saved. (It is located on the mid pathway area).

Obey the signs.

There signs posted throughout VP indicating where vehicles are permitted. Please read the signs and cooperate with us. The reason we prohibit vehicles in certain areas is to enhance your enjoyment and preserve our parkland.

Parking Lot

We have now expanded the paved area in Veterans Park and as a result of the additional paving about 125 vehicles can be accommodated. We will stripe the entire lot next Spring 2019 and this will provide time for the surface settle. This parking lot expansion is also in anticipation of the renovations to the Legion Building. Once those interior renovations are completed we can schedule more than one event or hold one much larger event. We also expect considerable interest from our community once all remodeling is complete.

Buffer Area. No Parking

As you are looking north from the VP parking lot there is a buffer area that extends from the walking pathway to the west to the roadway to the west. This area is situated between the parking and the beginning of the grass fields. It is not added or convenient parking. It is intended to create simple separation between parking lot and soccer fields (including spectator area). It is not intended for pick up and drop off either.

Elton Park.

Over the past year we have been identifying trees in the park that need trimming and cutting down to  disease. We have had tree specialists advise us on the matter. These decisions are made to preserve the longevity of the healthy tree stock and at the same time provide enough space for others to flourish. It is a beautiful park setting and is our commons area. we want to make sure it remains a viable healthy park for everyone to enjoy.

The park gazebo roof will be replaced in the Spring 2019. We have patched it up for now. 

The landscaping around the historical monument at the entrance to Elton Park was cleaned out this year to make it appear more attractive and welcoming. We also replaced some of the concrete base in that area. Our highway department deserves a huge thank you for the skilled work they have applied to our parks. Kudos to Scott Kimball, Scott Parker, Tripper, Mike, Don and Gary.



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