Water Line Lead Inspection
The Department of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency have instructed us to inspect every water service line entering residences and businesses for the presence of lead. These inspections must be completed by the end od September Details

Water/Sewer Department


Welcome to the Water/Sewer Department

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The Town of East Bloomfield's water supply comes from the Town of Canandaigua and the Village of Bloomfield.

The Town of East Bloomfield contracts with the Village of Bloomfield to oversee the use and maintenance of the water and sewer service for the residents in the Town of East Bloomfield.  Village Department of Public Works Superintendent, Dan Whittaker, looks after the Town's compliance with State regulations for drinking water and each Spring issues an annual report describing the quality of our drinking water.  A copy of the current Water Quality Report can be accessed below:

WD #1 and WD #2 ext 2 

WD #2 and all other extensions

Additional services provided to the Town by the Village of Bloomfield Department of Public Works include quarterly water meter readings; maintenance of pump stations and water tanks; installation and maintenance of fire hydrants, water mains, and valves; installation of new water meters, replacement of old or broken meters and marking out water lines for DIG Safely NY.

The Town of East Bloomfield currently has only one Sewer District, which is located in Water District 1.  Water District 1 can be seen on the above Water District Map.

Quarterly Water/Sewer bills are mailed out on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 and are due by the end of the respective month.  A 15% penalty is assessed for any late water payment received.  The following is a list of the charges shown on residents quarterly water/sewer bills:  

WTR - Water Use Charge
WOT - Water Other Charge  This is currently a $30.00 fee that is a Debt Service Fee.  Each water district has outstanding debt and this fee is applied towards that debt to help lower the water tax on residents' town tax bills.
WAR - Water Arrears
SWR - Sewer Use Charge
SOT -  Sewer Other Charge
SAR -  Sewer Arrears
FNL -  Final Bill

Water/Sewer payments should be made payable to the Town of East Bloomfield and mailed to:

           Town of East Bloomfield
           Water Clerk
           P.O. Box 85
           East Bloomfield NY 14443

The Town of East Bloomfield offers automatic withdrawal for payment of your water/sewer bill.   Complete form below:

Direct Debit Authorization Form

Check back for information on upcoming projects, water advisories, and more.

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Monday - Thursday  9 am to 4 pm


Mailing Address:
    PO Box 85

    East Bloomfield, NY 14443


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