Water Line Lead Inspection
The Department of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency have instructed us to inspect every water service line entering residences and businesses for the presence of lead. These inspections must be completed by the end od September Details



Welcome to the Waste & Recycling Department

HOUSEHOLD Waste Disposal

Address: The Town of East Bloomfield shares a landfill transfer/recycling station with the Town of Bristol. The transfer station is located at 3901 County Road 2 in the Town of Bristol. Town of East Bloomfield residents should drive south on Oakmount Road which turns into County Road 2 for approximately 6 miles, and the Transfer station will be on the east side of County Road 2.


Bristol Transfer Station

Bristol Transfer Station; 3901 County Road 2, Bloomfield, NY 14469


OPEN: Saturday only. Hours of operation 7:30 AM to 1 PM

Residential refuse and recyclables only! 

Household garbage - $5 per bag (includes recyclables) - cash only. 

New:  Recyclables only - $1 for every 14 gallon bin, (charge only applies if no trash is dropped off). 

Metals accepted - no fee.

Household appliances (residential only) + accepted with a $25 fee - cash only payable at the transfer station.

Cardboard must be broken down & flattened; no larger than 4' x 4'. 


Any recyclables that are not clean or mixed with unrecyclable materials, such as bags, styrofoam, or coated items, will be considered contaminated and disposed of as garbage.

Accepted: TV's and Computer monitors - no fee.

TIRES NOT Accepted at transfer station.

Non-Accepted items: Tires, Oil, Ammunition, Batteries, Liquid Paint, Fuel cans/tanks, Asbestos Material, Medical Waste, Aerosal Cans, Commercial Construction debris, Hazardous Waste per NYSDEC law.


Ontario County free collection events: Recycling Event Schedule


Additional information for drop-off of electronic materials:

7318 Victor-Mendon Road
Victor, NY 14564
Phone:  888-563-1340


Ontario County Recycling Information

Website: https://www.ontariocountyrecycles.org

Watch a video that details how recyclable material is sorted through the equipment within the Casella Recycling Facility. The video also includes some details on what NOT to put in your recycling bin, and why it poses a problem for the equipment and worker safety.

The link to the video on YouTube is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOHlPfI3c90&t=34s

Recycling Tips







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