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Inflatable Swimming Pool permit application

Complete the application below and select the Submit button. The information you provide will be automatically sent to the town. A town representative will then contact you.

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** This form cannot be used to waive the workers' compensation rights or obligations of any party. **


Proof of Workman’s Comp Exemption for both Homeowners doing work themselves and Individual Contractors without Workman’s Comp

Click here for Workman's Comp Exemption Site

  1. Register/Log in
  2. Search Index A-Z (type in 'CE-200' in the search bar)
  3. Choose the link titled 'Workers Compensation Board Certificate if Attestation of Exemption' (CE-200)
  4. Choose either Apply Online as Homeowner or Apply Online as Business
  5. Follow online instructions until the end
  6. Your certificate will not be shown to you until you follow the instructions at the end to go to Recent Activity
  7. If you cant find the certificate go to your name in the upper right hand corner and choose the drop down of My Dashboard. The certificate should be there for you to view or print.

Draw your signature in the space below using a mouse, stylus, or your finger.


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