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Veterans Park permit application

Complete the application below and select the Submit button. The information you provide will be automatically sent to the town. A town representative will then contact you.

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Dates Needed

Leave enough time to clean up prior to your departure. Leaving after the scheduled departure time will trigger the alarm to the Sheriff's Department. If the alarm is tripped due to your late departure, your $50.00 deposit will be forfeited.

Main Contact

Use Requirements

Will alcoholic beverages be consumed?

As applicant or on behalf of the applying organization, I agree that all attendees during out use/event will observe the rules as stated. I agree to pay any costs, including but not limited to fees, damages, loss and/or cleaning services, which arise out of our use of the property. I acknowledge and assume any risks associated with the use of Veterans Park property and I agree to indemnify the Town of East Bloomfield against any property damage, bodily injury or lawsuits.

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