Water Line Lead Inspection
The Department of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency have instructed us to inspect every water service line entering residences and businesses for the presence of lead. These inspections must be completed by the end od September Details





New York State School Tax Relief (STAR) Credit

The STAR program is now a personal income tax credit for new homeowners and owners that did not previously have the STAR exemption.

A SENIOR Exemption is available for residents 65+ Village with a total household income of less than $27,500 and Town less than $19,500 including all Social Security  payments.  The form RP-467 can be downloaded below.  For instructions, download RP-467-INS.

To download the following exemption forms:

*The Alternative exemption provides a property tax exemption to veterans who served during wartime and to those who served in a combat zone.
**Cold war is defined by law as veterans who serve on active duty (exclusive of training) in the United States armed forces between September 2, 1945 and December 26, 1991, and who are not currently receiving either the eligible funds or alternative veterans' exemption.

For questions on tax policies and exemptions, click here.


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